Desktop Sharing makes Working with us Efficient and Easy!

diagram of desktop sharing technologyYour engineers will be able to work closely with our designers using desktop sharing technology.  You will see and follow what your designer does, make suggestions, point your mouse while discussing changes, even move components, as needed.  This is ideal for RF designs where engineering input is most important.

Five Reasons to Choose Advanced Designs Inc. for your next PCB Design project.

  1. Jason Dunlap, owner and designer has over 25 years of experience in engineering and Printed Circuit Board Design.  Our other designers have more than 10 years of experience.We know what we’re doing.

  2. We have a wide range of skills in all types of Printed Circuit Board Design, Printed Circuit Board layout, including high speed digital/analog, RF & microwave, complex impedance controls, differential pairs, matched lengths, wireless circuit board layout to 20ghz, CompactPCI, PCI Express, Signal Integrity and Thermal analysis.

  3. Attention to Details, Personal Attention, Superior Pricing, Availability, and the Ability to Meet Your Schedule.

  4. We’re a One-Stop Shop, we can do everything from schematic capture, PCB fabrication, circuit board assembly, even parts procurement.

  5. We use the best tools:  MentorGraphics PADS™, DxDesigner™, Orcad™, Autocad™  and many more.  PADS design is our primary tool but we also design in Altium and others.


Experience that Makes a Difference

Advanced Designs began in 1994, and was created to be different than most Printed Circuit Board Design service bureaus. Jason Dunlap, owner and designer with over 25 yrs. experience in the product development environment, brings a breath of experience few designers possess. He has a strong electronic design background, understands the technical aspects and engineering requirements. Jason is an expert designer and has designed state of the art layouts for military and commercial products.  Read more under “About US” and “Design Flow

Advanced Designs Inc. are available for hire at Advanced PCB Designs. We specialize in PCB Designing, RF Layout, and can do any project, simple or complex. With our industry leading Computer Sharing network, you can see your project as it's being done in real time