About Advanced Designs Inc.

Advanced Designs is a family run design firm, with Jason Dunlap as President, project manager, Sr. Designer and engineering consultant. Alan Dunlap is a Sr. Designer and Librarian. Between the two of them, every job is handled smoothly and in the most professional manner. Generally, Advanced Designs can handle up to 5 design projects simultaneously. We have several other expert designers that are either part time or are “on-call” in order to handle increased demand.

Jason began his career in electronics R&D in the early 1970s.  During those years, while working on innovative products at globally recognized companies such as RCA, Link Group, Coherent Radiation, Syntex Labs and others he became interested in printed circuit board design and was designing PC boards before computerized software was invented.  Jason is now considered by some, one of the best Printed Circuit Board designers in Silicon Valley.  He was a contender for the coveted Top Gun prize at the 2002 PCB Design Conference West, and has since designed some of the most complicated printed circuit board layouts.  Most recently his skills were commissioned by industry giant Agilent Technologies to layout several state-of-the-art RF, microwave, and RF-mixed signal designs.  Some of those designs have laid the foundation for Department of Defense contracts, and other military applications. Jason continues to design PC boards for military applications, as well as, some of the most complicated designs imaginable.

By keeping our operation small, we are efficient, and flexible.  We give you personal attention and truly value your business.  With more than 40 years of experience between the two of us, you can be sure we are qualified to give you the best possible PCB design service and quality.

Advanced Designs Inc. are available for hire at Advanced PCB Designs. We specialize in PCB Designing, RF Layout, and can do any project, simple or complex. With our industry leading Computer Sharing network, you can see your project as it's being done in real time