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Get a “Ball Park Figure”

Advanced Designs does not use pin pricing as most design bureaus do. Instead we use a rather complex excel spreadsheet that has been developed over the years and gives us a very accurate idea of exactly how long your job will take. However, if you want to get a very rough idea of what it will cost you can multiply the number of pins on all the components by $3-$4. Your official quote will likely be less than that unless there some special issues.

Get an Official Quote

Merely, email us as much information as you can, including electronic schematic files such as Orcad.dsn, mechanical dwgs, dxf, pdfs, Bill of Materials, whatever. We’ll contact you and ask for anything else we need. You need to include as much contact information as possible so we can setup an account for your company. We can usually return a quote in less than a day. Also, let us know how many boards you will be fabricating on your first run, and how many you will want to have assembled.

Email: pcb@advancedpcb.net Call us at: (408) 377-6775


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